Little things at the start of the road to adventure, a cigarette card of a curious locomotive, a glimpse through the trees of an enormous embankment, a poster of the nascent society on the Station at Bleanau led on to many things, summer holidays track laying, digging out rock on the deviation etcetera. Right at the beginning, it was always sunny then, after a day’s toil on a trip beyond Penrhyn bushwhacking as part of the push to Tan y Bwlch or maybe over breakfast in the Commercial the gang plotted rebellion, an evening off! What was left of that stone that dragged the Ffestiniog under the Welsh Highland Railway. There rising from the flood plain was the ramp carrying that line up to Nantmor and the Aberglaslyn pass – if only!

Stuart McNair was part of the team that built Phase 4 of the reconstruction of the WHR including the track laid on the ramp referred to.

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